Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lets get This Egyptian Thing Started

After two years of the Obama Administration's efforts to Stop Preventable Foreclosures, the Country is in worse shape now than it was in 2008 when the crisis started.  We all know the damage the government's failed efforts with HAMP has caused families, communities, cities, and the economy overall. 

We all know where the problem lies; the servicing industry and their unwillingness and inability to implement what is a good program. HAMP has failed - not because of the program design, but because of the servicing industry’s greed.

In our opinion, we have one option left to save millions of families from losing their homes, and stem the real estate values which continue to decline and will negatively impact every American homeowner and the economy for years to come.

The main problem with the servicer is they are improperly underwriting, ignoring HAMP guidelines, and losing documents - resulting in long delays and improper denials. We know there are other problems, but this effort, which will be referred to going forward as “This Egyptian Thing” or “TET,” will be an attempt to change what we can . “TETs” main objective will be to take the sole underwriting authority out of the hands of the servicer when possible.  Neutral Third Parties are needed to make sure every American is being given a fair hearing on a case by case basis. The servicing industry will change once they know they no longer have a monopoly on the underwriting process and that professional underwriters are checking their work product.

“This Egyptian Thing” when referencing this effort - has been chosen for a number of reasons; we just witnessed a large group of people organize quickly, offering a single message for change. Americans should stand up and take notice; we have just seen it in Egypt – one hundred thousand people, organized with social networking, had the power to bring a government down in 17 days. It is not our intent to bring down our government but to get them to listen and save our Country’s economy and the homes of millions of hard-working Americans.

Twitter seems to be the easiest way to send a message to many people at one time. We will instruct everyone to visit daily as a “follower” on for a daily message. Daily tweets will be given at first, informing people of what is going on. We will include some bits of information that may help people, directing them to important sources.

Our goal would be to have at least 500 people start by March 1st , though 1,000 would be better. Based on the millions of Americans currently in this fight, along with the tens of millions of American Homeowners who are directly affected by the foreclosure crisis, we should be able to gather enough support to have a positive impact.

This terrible situation has gone on too long.  Many American families have lost their homes or are in the process of doing so – in many cases this does not have to happen. The Obama Administration and Congress have not done all they can to save families and real estate values in our country.  We can no longer sit idly by and watch this happen to good people. This mess is hurts every homeowner in America and the media largely ignores the situation. Two years is long enough – we must take some kind of action now.  It is time to Rise Like The Egyptians.  I hope you agree and will join the effort – We Need Change Now!!!

If you would like to participate in this effort, please send an email to with "We Need Change Now" in the subject line, an email with further instructions will be sent.  

Steven Gillan  

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  1. We have had over 550 visits to this blog in less than a week. We need all visitors to click on follower or leave a comment if you disagree with the effort.

    90% of all HUD Counselors across the have been invite to have their organization and clients join the effort.

    It is amazing what a few dedicated people can do in a few days. Over 1,000 individual emails have been sent out since last Saturday.

    Thanks to all you great people that want to Change this failed system.

  2. I, too, am in foreclosure, after a divorce and failed HAMP...
    Look, my good friends, HAMP is a disaster because it was set up to fail.
    The ONLY REAL path to success is in the courts. I am in court-for one year now-and the Plaintiff knows we are on to this essential fact: they DO NOT OWN MY HOME. In Wisconsin (yes, I have a lot on my plate:*), the mortgagor(homeowner) holdsthe title and the mortgagee has the lien on title...The servicer DOES NOT HAVE TITLE (unless they prove otw)--and if you all defend yourselves in court we will make history and new (good) law -that will prevent the fraid that the servicers are carrying out in the courts claiming to "own" or "hold" title. They don't. They're lying--figuring that most of us are "too dumb" to to stay in our homes and fight. There is a problem finding lawyers who "get it," but they do exist in every state. We are all in this, so let's keep it together. Btw, I am a lawyer--and I hired my Property Law professor-from 30 years ago-and, thanks to my persistence and research, I think he DOES get it. Stay in your homes! Defend yourselves against foreclosure! If one million Americans do this we can bring the servicers to their knees.
    What is going on here is nothing less than systematic, intentional, corporate fraud. It is a corporate coup d'etat, being carried on in every court in the land. The answer is to STAY IN YOUR HOME AND DEFEND FORECLOSURE. I will respond to anyone who wishes to know more. Thanks and good luck to us all.

  3. I am actually quite confused as to where I stand and where to go from here- I too-- applied for a loan mod- and received the run-around (re-faxing documents numerous times,various excues, etc.) and I lost my son in the meantime- so thought I must be crazy-- until I saw the exact same story from so many others-- but to make a rediculously long story short-- my documents finally went to underwriting-(no prior trial period)- and a few weeks later received a letter in the mail stating it was denied-- due to deficency- (the very reason I first applied- had retired and income was reduced- intending to work at least part time to supplement the difference)- when I called for an explanation- I was informed that there were no other options and the sale date was three business days later-- I spoke with FHA - they were going to try to stop it from the sale -- (but have only been able to leave voice messages w/no return calls since)- and it really went to auction then-- and Chase- (with whom the mortgage was with)- came in with the highest bid--(over mortgage price) - and only found this out from looking on line-- then received another letter from Chase two days after the sale date--stating my loan mod had been denied because my initial loan modification request was submitted less than the required number of days prior to the sale-- (eight months prior)--but, ifg the sale had not yet occurred-- I could call and have the mortgage re-instated-- How insane-- Now what? What recourse do I have if any?? A little strange wondering if that means to start packing- or what to do next--- Thanks if anyone has any answers or suggestions--JC

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