Thursday, March 3, 2011

SAVE OUR HOMES - S.O.H. Call to Action

Start Action Today Sunday March 6th 2011
Please get this message out.

I will not mince words here: if you do not understand the gravity of the Financial Services Committee vote today to end the FHA Short Sale program and Emergency Homeowner Loan Program (EHLP), then you do not see the writing on the wall for the country's housing market and families.

Although I am not a big supporter of EHLP since it is a give-back to the banks (paying the arrears for troubled homeowners), the FHA Short Sale program was not bad. The only reason HAMP and NSP where not canceled in the vote today (Thursday) was because the committee ran out of time. Votes on these two programs will be called next week and we have three days to stop their passage in Committee.

Let’s be clear: if HAMP is ended, all eligibility for a modification will rest in the hands of the Bank/Servicer. This will be seen by every investor as the end of the National Effort to stabilize real estate values in the country. I do not think I have to explain what will happen once that occurs.

Some may disagree and feel HAMP has caused more problems than it is worth, but consider the alternative: no standards, no underwriting guidelines, no one from the government even involved in the game, at a time when Banks/Servicers already defraud the public in order to foreclose.

HAMP has failed – not because of its design but because of intentionally poor implementation by the Servicers and no punishment for noncompliance by Treasury. That being said, we need to let Congress know we want it fixed - not ended, and we have a plan to start that process.


We must call and email all members of the House Financial Services Committee. Every Member of that Committee must know they cannot leave this in the hands of the Banks/Servicers. The link to their contact information is

Call the Washington office number first; leave a message if you cannot get through. If you can, please call their local office as well.

Contact as many of the members as you have time for, but the following members must be contacted by everyone. Please be firm but polite.

1st Group
Chairman Bachus
Miller – CA42
Biggert – Chair of subcommittee
Vice Chair Frank
Green - TX

2nd Group
All Republican members in CA, FL, NV, AR, OH, IN, RI

3rd Group
Your own State – do not call a member if they are not on the committee.

Although it will be more effective for calls to start on Monday morning March 7th, it may be difficult for people at work. If your schedule does not permit for Monday, please call on Sunday and leave a message. If you can only make a few calls on Monday during business hours EST, please call the first group after 9 AM EST. Any time of the day is OK.
This is the same for Monday night and Tuesday.

Emails - They have now made emailing a challenge - it is no longer easy to contact any Representative.  They are limiting access to people in their own district. At the bottom of this page is the information you will need to send to the 1st and 2nd groups.  Calling is easier but emails are needed if you can not call.  Since it is not that easy to email I would hope people can call all committee members.

Message for call and email:
"I’m an angry homeowner. You cannot leave the fate of my family to the banks. I have done everything asked of me and I’m losing my home. I don’t trust the bank and want a neutral third party to review my file. Help us SAVE OUR HOMES -- Make Treasury FIX HAMP."

This needs to be done. We need everyone to contact any other blog, site, client, and homeowner they can.  We have to remember that this vote was called for in three days by the majority – we have to show we can be ready in the same amount of time.

Please remember to click the SUBSCRIBE HERE button on the right so we can gauge numbers and provide follow-up action information. 

Chairman Bachus - go to his web site - click "contact me" put in AL and zip code 35243. That will bring you to a message page. 

Barney Frank -  go to his web page - click "contact me" - see #2 put in MA and zip code 02458-1275

Gary Miller - go to his web page - click "contact me" put in CA - zip code 92821 - 4370

Al Green  - go to home page - click "contact' put in TX - zip code 77054-1301
Joe Baca - go to his web page - click "contact me" put in CA - zip code 92401
Kevin McCarthy - go to his web page - click "contact me" put in CA - zip code 93422-7218
John Campbell - Zip code 92660-6419  
Lynn Westmoreland   Zip code 30265 - 1325
Up-date as of 3/4/2011: 18 Senators have sent a letter request to Sec. Geithner to do three things with HAMP - one being "Third Party Review before any decline".  We can get this done!!!!

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